An Asgardian demi-god warrior of valhalla


A heavily armored and muscled asgardian man, he is usually bedecked in heavily sigiled crusader armor and heavy weaponry. Often bathed in dirt from his travels, Nooh has a brash smile and attitude that mocks the dangers of the worlds. Though his valor often obscures the rational course of action, those that pay attention find a great intelligence and a powerful will burning behind Nooh’s sharp grey eyes. When summoned his psi-sword usually appears as a great sword so that many a foe has looked up to see the gigantic blue sword of light clenched in the dark blonde norse man’s grip. Nooh travels the realms seeking to do good in the name of Asgard and the all-father.


Nooh was born in Europe, in a great city with knights and magic.
His mother was a powerful sorcerer. Though growing into her old age, her magic made her look not a day past 20. At times she was a harsh woman, having grown up amongst royalty and knights, she took it as her due that others would not only respect her, but defer to her always. Out of difference to her power people were probably far kinder to Nooh and more accepting of him than they would otherwise be, although in the early days many cold comments and whispers plagued Nooh where ever he walked.
Nooh didn’t know who his father was. When he was growing up his mother would only talk of his father when no one else was present, and even then, only scarcely. And when she would speak of his father, it was with a look of wonder and worry. While she wasn’t direct, little by little Nooh pieced together that his father was a powerful warrior. And that his father wasn’t entirely human.
His older brothers and sisters didn’t know who his father was either, as their own father, the great lord Beldain, perished and died some years ago. Lord Beldain had been a mighty knight, and his relations and offspring desired to follow the path. Though as a child born out of wedlock the chivalric royal knight society certainly didn’t at first believe in Nooh, it didn’t take long for the children of lord Beldain and the other knights of the area to recognize the unbelievable talent and power of the child. As Nooh grew and learned the way of chivalry occasionally in the distance at jousts and other events he would see in the crowd an old man with a long flowing beard and an eye patch watching with a grimace upon his face. When he inquired about this, people would give him an odd look and not be able to recall having seen the man.
This continued over and over again and Nooh grew frustrated. He would try to rush out into the crowd to find the old man, yet always the man disappeared before Nooh could reach him.
As things happened, great cities are frequently attacked, and Nooh’s home was no different. A terrible army of gargoyles attacked his home. The knight’s of the realm responded to the challenge and Nooh went with them to do battle against the gargoyle forces. As a new knight, Nooh made a good showing, yet, there were so many gargoyles. They tore most of his comrades letting their blood and death screams fly through the air. The beasts hurt Nooh to, but yet he still stood. His armor was shredded to nothing, yet he still stood. Scores of the beasts lay shattered about him, yet he stood. He wavered though, his vision turned foggy and he knew that though he had held the beasts off longer than should have been possible, his time was ending.
That was when he saw an old white bearded man with an eye patch approaching. The man winked at Nooh and arcane energy exploded from the heavens to shatter each and every last gargoyle within a mile.
The man laughed.
“Your father would be proud. You have saved the day,” the old man said.
“Have I? Who…what are you?”
“I am the all-father, and you would do well to respect me boy. I am Odin.”
The man then clapped his hands and a fantastic light ensnared them both and brought them to Asgard. Odin explained that Nooh’s father was Heimdal the guardian. Heimdal had met his mother long ago while traveling the realm of midguard on assignment for Odin and become enchanted by the sorceress. Heimdal had only latter learned of Nooh’s birth but his duties to Asgard had kept him away from the child. Now, as a man, if Nooh should want, he could work with his father as an agent of Odin, a warrior of Valhala.
It would mean probably not seeing the place of his birth ever again.
Yet, it meant glory, and a chance to do good in the world, like his father had done before him, for Asgard. It meant a chance to save the world.
So Nooh accepted and he was trained in the ways of Valhala and discovered divine powers within his essence that he hadn’t known existed. He was given powerful armor and taught ways of fighting from the norse gods. And though not often, he was able to at last meet the man called his father and to at last see a grudging smile of acceptance from the god.
Recently Nooh has been sent to mudguard as a new agent of Odin to seek out a great menace to MIdguard and Asguard before it could fully manifest. Providence brought him to the dragon, the elf, the dog, and the strange entity called Robin.
And so began the tale of legend, in the time of the last battles…


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