A Vampire Hunting Campaign - Rifts

The Story Thus Far
We go back a ways... way back

So here we are. Fighting a hoard of vampires. How did we get into this mess.

Well for one member of our little group, it started the day he was born!
For another, this is just another pit stop on his long, long life.

The newly hatched dragon, Va Lok, he’s in interesting fellow. If one can call a dragon fellow, I suppose. He was hatched near by a city and wondered in. Fortunately, we liked him and didn’t mind having him around.

Then there was Nooh. He was a bit strange, wearing all those… clothes marked with… symbols. The symbols were creepy, but still seemed like a nice guy.

With him, well at least the symbols matched, was a woman named Therras. Cute, but she had one heck of an attitude. I do wonder whatever happened to her.

Oh there I go, getting ahead of myself. Let me continue on with the introductions.

Finally, of the originals, there was Robin. A very strangely moral fellow. Strange in the way that he is a vampire who… kills vampires. He has a vendetta against them for some reason. I mean he is one. Sooo shouldn’t he off himself too?

Well let’s get on with the story here shall we? Those 4 were the originals as I said. Some have left, others have shown up. More on that later.

So we were at the birth of a dragon Va Lok. Stumbling into a city and running into all sorts of new creatures. Ah, to be young and have all my faculties! It was so refreshing to see him around town, learning new things left and right.

He then met up with the others at what was called the Travler’s Inn. What a fine little pub that was. Nooh enjoyed some time staying there. As did Robin, during the day of course.

Well there they met some other colorful characters like Bob, Pat, and Mark. Bob owned the place, Pat is the waitress, and Mark did all the cooking. They all kept that place running.

We on abouts the day the originals met up, a citizen of the town ran in and found Lady Karen. He told her about a broken rune weapon! She couldn’t believe the story. How could some one have broken a rune weapon? Something that powerful would take an awfully loud bang to destroy it.

Well Lady Karen went to Terrence’s house. He was the one that had the broken weapon. Therras went and did some sort of mind stuff and found out that the weapon was broken with someone bare hands?! Even more fantastic.

Well the group decided to try to track down this perpetrator. So off they went!

A few miles into their journey, they ran into Terrence. He climbed aboard the rolling thunder and off they all went.

What’s a rolling thunder you ask? Its a big, loud, car with a big gun on the top. This one, however seemed to have a dragon-shaped dent in the top as well.

So, the group approached a town a few miles down the “road”. When they came to the clearing, they noticed that some stones were on the ground. As they approached, they started to glow. Fortunately Va Lok of all people was able to decipher the incantation on them and told everyone to stay far away from them.

So Va Lok took flight and went into the middle of the town. He was ambushed by the citizens of the town where he started to feel weird when they touched him. As soon as he felt that, he took off again. Not to be taken by surprise again, the zealots leveled large guns at the party and told them to scram! Well they used meaner words than that, but in any case they had now choice but to return to our lovely little tavern.

OK so I know I seem to be rambling, but there’s a lot to catch up on here! So bare with me.

Tell you what? I’ll take a break and we’ll come back to this another time.
Well, if they get the time… darn vamps!


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